Training workshops on digital security

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Misinformation and hate speech have spread rapidly and steadily in the digital space, posing significant challenges to media literacy of the youth and other extracts of the population, a harmful fenomena that gradually poisons the spheres of public debates and challenges the future of our democracies.

At the same time, journalists, politicians, civil society actors and human rights defenders are increasingly exposed to personal security risks when exposing false information online, particular if they belong to historically oppressed communities, women, LGBTQIA+, indigenous and black people, in all its intersectionalities of class, territoriality, etc. 

In this context, Coding Rights held three learning sessions about Digital Care, developing a specific methodology according to the different target audiences: (i) educators and families and  (ii) communicators and journalists.

The main objective of the workshops was to help civil society activists, human rights defenders, (citizen) journalists, users of digital technologies and LGBTQI+ persons as well as women and girls in Brazil to become more aware of education material focused on empower and protect themselves online through concrete solution mechanisms and strategies fostered by a Brazilian Community of Practice.

In order to accomplish this objective, we used the Digital Enquirer Kit (DEK), developed by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and TacticalTech, offers these groups of people the opportunity to learn and explore at their own timing about tips and strategies for identifying and countering misinformation through targeted online training.