safer nudes

#consent #digital security #feminisms #sexual and reproductive rights

Your phone buzzes. It could be anything: your family WhatsApp group, your phone company spam, but it’s a compelling request: SEND NUDES! We would dare to say the vast majority of us yearns to send and receive nudes all day long, every day.

We believe the privacy of your communications is a right and that the decision to have them published or not should be exclusively yours. With that in mind, we picked a few tips and practices that can help you to send your nudes online in a safer way.

In the links below, you will find our Sexy Guide to Safer Nudes in English version. Plus, we have the honor to publish a piece by Fannie Sosa sharing her view on why selfies, nudes and other forms of self-representation can be political gestures.

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Note: This zine was produced in 2016, some updates mainly about apps chat need to be considered, but the security tips remain the same.