#América Latina

Not My A.I. is an ongoing project that seeks to contribute to the development of a feminist toolkit to question algorithmic decisions making systems that are being deployed by the so-called Digital Welfare States.

Feminists’ lenses go beyond the discussion of “ethics”, “human-centered” or “transparent” A.I. and enable us to check power imbalances and question if those systems are not simply automating different layers of oppression. We have developed a map with several other AI projects being deployed by the public sector in Latam with a harmful approach to gender and its intersectionalities.

Our oppressions are also different from those in the Global North, so we depart from case-based analysis of A.I. projects that are being deployed by governments in Latin America to manage public services and have harmful implications on gender equality and its intersectionalities. The mapping is collaborative and open for new inputs.

Do you know other projects?

Not My A.I. is an ongoing project, lead by Joana Varon and Paz Peña, with support from APC.