Facial recognition in Latin America: trends in the implementation of a perverse technology

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In partnership with other organizations that are part of Al Sur consortium, the objective of the project was to map in detail the existing initiatives in the region, with special emphasis on identifying the companies providing the dominant biometric technologies and their countries of origin, the type of relationship established with the states, the areas in which their presence predominates and their potential social, economic and political consequences.

Facial recognition has advanced quickly and quietly in Latin America. In order to learn about some of the continent’s initiatives, their objectives, the companies responsible for their implementation and the human rights violation risks associated with their use, the Al Sur network, which Coding Rights is a part, produced the website https://estudio.reconocimientofacial.info/pt/. In English, Portuguese, and Spanish versions.

In addition to the website, the results of the survey have been gathered together in the report Facial Recognition in Latin America: trends in the implementation of a perverse technology.