9 years hacking patriarchy

#artificial intelligence #blogpost #feminisms #speculative futures

Birthdays mark new cycles. They are moments to think about what has passed, and to wonder what we want for the future. In 2024, Coding will be 9 years old. It’s a very special date for us, as it means almost a decade of work. In those nine years, a lot has changed, in Brazil and in the world. 

We were born out of the certainty that it is not possible to look at technologies without thinking about their intersections with fundamental rights and with the fight against historical oppressions. Nevertheless, we are currently experiencing the global rise of presidents elected with the propagation of hatred, sexism, racism… We are witnessing a climate crisis that results from predatory development models, and we know that big tech, which tries to monopolize our communication channels and information consumption, plays a big role in all of this scenario. It is in this complex world that we are increasingly connecting with networks of resistance, seeking strength in the exchange of hope and power.

At Coding, we seek for an agenda on what technology is and what it should be based on a plurality of bodies and perspectives. We use design to our advantage to speculate new futures. We act locally to have a global impact, in partnership with a network of organizations, collectives and inspiring people. 

We know that times are still tough. When we think about the challenges for 2024, we understand that artificial intelligence is accelerating the impacts and transformations in our lives, and increasing the complexities of finding solutions. On the other hand, we’re increasingly certain that any prospect of the future involves a return to ancestral knowledge and care for nature. 

Now we’re on the countdown to our 10th anniversary, and we’d like to thank everyone who has been with us so far, and who will continue to cheer us on and build alternatives together. We stand firm, hacking patriarchy!