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What would you do if you knew they were reading your thoughts?

The episode “Are You Reading My Mind?” is part of the second season of the Privacy is Global podcast. In this story, Sofia enters a library in Rio de Janeiro looking for an Octavia Butler book but ends up finding a portal to interact with her future self. That is when she is told about a time in which thoughts can be transparent…

This story co-written is by Joana Varon and Lucía Egaña Rojas. Furthermore, the speculative fiction produced by Coding Rights in partnership with ADAPT for the series Privacy is Global, it is available in English and Portuguese. Sponsored by Internews and Fundação Heinrich Böll.


Script-writing: Lucía Egaña Rojas and Joana Varon

Illustrations: Clara Juliano

Script Editing: Laura Vidal, Marianne Diaz Hernandez, Laura Schwartz-Henderson

Sound Design and Mixing: Jimmy Garver

Editing: Elena Cazes

Music: Charles Antoine

Voice Actors: ADD

Executive Producers: Laura Schwartz-Henderson and Laura Vidal