Radar Legislativo


While two of the most important regulations concerning the Brazilian legal framework for digital rights are under public consultations (namely the draft bill on Data Protection and the regulation of Marco Civil), several draft bill with similar scope, but conflicting views, keep being presented in the different houses of the legislative.

Nevertheless, there is no automated system to that enable civil society to keep track of it, nor procedure to guarantee that all the stakeholder groups will be always called to participate in the debate of those parallel draft bills. Neither there is a consolidated mapping of all the projects related to digital rights that have been proposed. Who propose then? In which political context? Who votes in support or against?

The goal of this project proposal is to build a data bank of bills and draft bills related to digital rights in order to enable civil society advocates to respond in timely manner and policy analysts to capture the bigger picture and make correlations. A second step could be to extend the data bank to the judiciary.

Visit: www.radarlegislativo.org